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tv   Americas Newsroom  FOX News  February 26, 2024 7:00am-8:00am PST

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others noticed. elon musk said. it is extremely alarge. he shared a senior google extent called to say it would take months to fix. i doubted -- the leader of its a.i. competitor. gemini said it was hard to say whether musk or hitler had -- i can't promise that gemini won't generate inaccurate or offensive results. i can promise we'll continue to take action whenever we identify an issue. i will leave you with this. google announced a $60 million reddit. they have had accusations of bias that raises broader questions about what is training the algorithms and maybe it's a
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problem. >> bill: it is 10:00 a.m. in washington and 10:00 a.m. at the u.s. supreme court. social media headlining two landmark cases in a heated battle over content control and censorship as well as free speech. it begins a new hour with us here on "america's newsroom" on monday. hope you had a great weekend. dana has the week off. i'm bill hemmer live in new york and our friend aishah has agreed to accept today's role. >> aishah: i'm good. good morning to you. i'm aishah hosni. some of the biggest are fighting for power to regulate, censor and suppress user content at their own discretion including political speech. arguments will decide if state laws put in place by texas and florida can take power out of tech executive's hand fighting what content you at home can see. the florida attorney general explaining how they have too much power and the tech giants
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need to be reined in. >> they have said come here, you have free speech, let's have open discourse and dialogue and share information. they've flipped the script now and say well, they have the free speech rights to censor, deplatform, shadow ban americans, journalistic enterprises, deplatform candidates. >> lydia hu with more on a monumental legal debate that could reshape free speech on the internet. >> the special question here really is whether the government can tell social media platforms like meta and tiktok how to make editorial decisions about their content. the cases involve a pair of laws enacted by florida and texas prohibited the platforms from banning politicians or in texas's case users based on political viewpoint. concerns grew about censorship of conservative ideas.
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who big tech trade associations challenged the laws arguing the first amendment protects social media companies which means the government cannot tell them what to publish, they say. in other words, if these companies want to censor content, they say the government can't force them to publish against their will. watch here. >> businesses get to choose what is best for their users and their customers and the government may not, shall not, cannot compel a private business to say something it doesn't want to say or remove something it doesn't want to remove. >> on the other hand, florida and texas argue these platforms are so large that they are more like an airline or a utility, common carrier and anti-discrimination laws should apply to them. the states say their laws ensure users have access to various viewpoints and some experts agree like a professor from columbia university writing this. the social media platforms would
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like nothing better than to hijack the concept of free speech and make it into their own broad cloak of protection. that's an increasingly dangerous path when these companies already play a role in our lives that can exceed that of the government. the tech industry does not needless accountability. while the biden administration is not a party to this case, it is presenting arguments as a friend of the court today and it supports the trade associations for big tech challenging these laws as they fight for their ability to continue censorship. we have an expectation for a decision by june. >> aishah: thank you so much. >> bill: four minutes past. fox news confirming the suspect accused of murdering that 22-year-old nursing student on the university of georgia campus was here illegally. venezuelan national entered the country in el paso, texas, september of 2022. later released into the u.s. via parole. then came to new york and things
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went south. we are back in eagle pass as the threat of unchecked border becomes dire. good morning there. >> bill, good morning. the horrible story in georgia connected back to our southern border. fox news confirms this wasn't the first time this migrant was arrested in the united states. he was busted last year in child endangerment charges in new york city. in the sanctuary city he was let out and back on the streets before ice could even put in a request for detainer to hold him. connects to our southern border. take a look on your screen. the mug shot of who we are talking about. jose ibarra crossed into el paso texas illegally back in september of 2022. the 26-year-old then was released into the united states on parole. what does that mean? it means the migrant gets a court date and let free. the court date can be months or years down the road. these systems are so backed up, right? the migrant facing murder charges accused he of killing an innocent university of georgia
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student. 22-year-old laken rile' went out for a run and didn't come back home. president biden needs to secure the border now, not focus on failed border bills. >> that young woman would be alive today except for this president's policies. many who wouldn't have been alive and not criminalized. i want to be pro immigration. i have authored the legislation. the fact is we can't have legislation without a secure border. this president can reverse it today. he did it, he can undo it. he doesn't need more laws. >> that's what we heard all throughout the weekend from so many different officials. migrants crossing in eagle pass, texas. check this out over the weekend. two women swimming across the rio grande river. the razor wire and taken into custody. a large group of men and women and children, a little different compared to some of the groups showed up in maverick county a
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short drive from where i am now and processed by border patrol. the migrant accused of murder in this case remains behind bars. you can check it out over shoulder. see the razor wire and fencing and texas national guard put in place by texas governor greg abbott trying to do everything he can to secure the border and still waiting on joe biden to do something. >> bill: the feds aren't suing texas anymore on that. interesting developments there. alexis. >> aishah: president biden is in new york city for a campaign fundraiser. not on his schedule a meeting with governor hochul or mayor adams as the city is being crushed by the migrant crisis. we have our panel here. both jessicas join us this morning. to get into this. jessica, jt, i'll start with
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you. the president is out there campaigning. trying to drum up support but in the background you have this very emotional story. the numbers and pictures and images we see every day a lot of folks get desensitized to that. now you have this emotional personal story. and we know immigration is a huge part of this political season. you guys were covering the south carolina primary over the weekend. if we pull up this graphic here our voter analysis show immigration was a huge issue in this primary and has been in every early state. when the president sits down for this late night tv appearance should he use that platform to talk about this? >> i doubt that's going to be the question coming to him. it's late night tv. if he was sitting down for a news interview it would be the leading if not the second story they'd talk about. it harkens back to what happened when kate steinle, the young woman murdered in san francisco by an undocumented men who was
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released and came back seven times and a bipartisan bill got over ten democrats signed onto it. it is still waiting. it came out of the house but you could see something happening along those lines. you are correct it has been the number one issue. those have been republican primaries and caucuses. democrats care about it a lot especially now it has invaded liberal cities. i know mayor adams has been very outspoken of the biden administration is not doing enough to help him because we are a sanctuary city. but the president can't do everything that everyone else wants him to do. i think some comment on it not necessarily a venue of late night tv but when he is speaking to the press talk about it and then also talk about the bipartisan border deal which was good enough for republicans until donald trump said hey, i would like to campaign on this and they are saying the quiet part out loud. >> bill: the house passed the bill almost a year ago coming up
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here. this illegal who is accused of killing this girl in georgia crossed in 2022. and here is the border is safe commentary from them at that time. >> we have a secure border in that is a priority for any nation, including ours and our administration. >> we're certainly doing a lot more to secure the border. we have taken unprecedented action over the past year and a half to secure our border. >> president biden: we have a process in place to manage migrants at the border. >> the border is not open. we're doing everything we can. >> bill: wonder in a general election campaign how many times you'll see those clips over and over again. biden disapproval on immigration at 67%. jessica 2.0. >> story after story. just three weeks ago we saw a migrant being released in new york giving the bird. forget the rule of law.
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i don't need it. prosecutors are letting me go. no deterrence. an open border. poorly enforced crime in major cities and biden is upside down when it comes to any issue of safety and security in our neighborhoods or with our families, schools and anything like that. he comes to late night. they will letting him stay up late enough if he is cognizant enough to do a late night show he should be doing a prime time address utilizing his executive authorities. this is where jessica and i disagree. over 90 different authorities the president could be putting into place through executive power to secure the border. you just saw the biden administration confirm that a week ago saying they have the authority. they don't need to wait on congress. hr2 that the house passed is a great bill and can't get through the senate. biden needs to use what he has to secure the border. if he can do late night he can protect the border. >> aishah: at least a sit-down interview. he doesn't take a lot of
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questions and maybe he needs to here soon. when he does sometimes they are pre-spilthed. axios had a story about note cards being used in even closed-door fundraising. so folks woreed about that. he is out there campaigning. gavin newsom called biden's age an asset. >> it is because of his age that he has been so successful. because of his capacity of understanding. because of his leadership. so the opportunity to express that for four more years, what a gift it is for the american people and as a democrat what a gift for me to make the case for the leader of our party, joe biden. >> aishah: experience is good but age is a gift in this situation? >> with age comes wisdom and relationships he has built over decades on the hill. he works better with mitch mcconnell than any other democrat in 30 years. that's meaningful with how powerful the other side on the
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no card front, everybody uses note cards. that's part of the gripe the white house has with the mainstream press that they run a story about that. what's the big deal there? they think he will forget his pants or what he is doing in the room? we haven't seen evidence of that happening. gavin newsom number one surrogate for president biden. >> let's be clear. everyone might use note cards but not everyone has pre-selected questions. queued who to ask. the man is completely scripted. they put him on late night because it's funny and comedy. a pivot but he can't talk about the real issues, the border, economy, crime. this is going to hurt him in the general election, something that republicans need to take full advantage of. >> aishah: great debate. >> bill: good to have you on, jessica one and two. >> we're not sure. i'm not sure hamas is there.
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they have outlandish demands. in another orbit, another planet. they have to come down to reality. i think that if that's the case we'll be able to have a deal. >> bill: how do you get a deal now? hamas asking for the moon in cease-fire talks. will the iranian-backed terror group ease up in its demands. general jack keane analyzes that. >> aishah: hunter biden finally set to answer questions in the impeachment inquiry. >> bill: alabama's idf ruling turning into a hot potato. how the debate is unfolding from d.c. to the campaign trail. >> we want to make it easier for mothers and fathers to have babies, not harder. the republican party should always be on the side of the miracle of life and the side of mothers and fathers.
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>> aishah: a big week in washington the expected appearance episcopal from both hunter biden and dhs secretary alejandro mayorkas. chad pergram is on the hill with the latest. >> good morning. a blockbuster week ahead. we could have two government shutdowns and an impeachment trial for a cabinet secretary all within a matter of days, plus hunter biden's big appearance and lawmakers are frank about the chances of a weekend shutdown. >> i think it's very possible. i think at this point the best that conservative republicans can hope for, though, is some type of continuing resolution that goes the rest of the fiscal year. that would result in cutting the budget by about 1%. >> the senate meets tonight. house wednesday night. they may have run out of track especially since a spending plan blew up over the weekend. chuck schumer accused
7:21 am
republicans of being more interested in chaos than legislation. >> democrats are working as hard as we can in exploring every method to avoid a shutdown. we hope our republicans colleague see the light and avoid the shutdown, too. >> the house at least approved several spending bills on the floor. senate 0. conservatives demand house speaker mike johnson not cave to democratic demands. that could prompt a shutdown. >> the problem is speaker johnson is indecisive, he is weak, inexperienced, and he does not have the votes not only because it's a tight majority but also because there is a far right group of house republicans who are blocking him everywhere he wants to go. >> the earliest an impeachment trial could begin is wednesday. democrats are expected to terminate the trial quickly. wednesday is also when house investigators hear from hunter
7:22 am
biden. he angered republicans when he defied a subpoena last year. aishah. >> aishah: a busy week for both of us. >> see you wednesday. [shouting] >> aishah: pro-palestinian protestors heckling jerry seinfeld over his support for israel as he trow is to get in the car. it happened last night as the comedian left an event in manhattan. seinfeld not taking their bait. didn't utter a word. waved them off before getting into the s.u.v. >> they haven't had an election in the palestinian authority for 17 years so they are just shuffling chairs. the real thing we want to see is genuine deradicalization. they have to stop teaching their children to become terrorists.
7:23 am
they have to stop paying terrorists based on the amount of jews they kill. they have to stop teaching indoctrinateing a whole generation on the annihilation of israel. that is real reform and hasn't happened so far. >> bill: he was with "fox & friends" earlier today reacting to the resignation of his palestinian counterpart in the west bank as the future of gaza remains uncertain. his stepping down comes amid calls for reform in the government there. general jack keane here to talk about this and more. good morning to you. last hour we were talking about the possibility you could reach a deal, meaning cease-fire and hostage exchange before ramadan around mid-march. march 11th. do you see that as a possibility, general? >> i think it's getting to be more and more of a possibility. it started out with hamas making some very unrealistic demands, all idf troops out of gaza, a
7:24 am
permanent cease-fire, and thousands of prisoners in the idf -- in the israeli jails picked by them to be released. that's off the table now. some more realistic proposals are on the table. why would hamas make this deal? they are back on their heels. they've lost 75% of their fighting force and part of their network. much of their principle leaders are still alive. they have the leverage still of the hostages on their side. so they want to rearm, this he want to regroup, and i think under the guise of a cease-fire. they probably want to get some of those leaders in the tunnels completely out of gaza so they can live again to come back in and reorganize. so i think there is something in hamas's favor for this cease-fire. certainly israelis want it. hostages primarily are the issue
7:25 am
here. listen. the important note that netanyahu is making is that after all of that is said and done, temporary cease-fire, both sides meet their objectives in the cease-fire, he is returning to clearing operations in rafah. remove the civilians out and fully intends to go after those four battalions that hamas has in the area plus the other two are under attack now in other areas. >> bill: come back to one point you made there if you get a cease-fire and hamas wants to get their leaders out of there. would the israelis and the egyptians both prevent that from happening? >> well, the israelis and egyptians have been talking for some time now and they certainly have been in a long-term peace agreement for decades. that's why the egyptians don't want this exploding where it begins to impact their territory and why they are at the
7:26 am
negotiating table. what israel wants to do is after this is over, they want to maintain some military control over gaza at least temporarily until they are sure that hamas is not there. and they definitely want to make sure they take control of that rafah entry to egypt's border. egypt would welcome that. the other part of that is they don't want those tunnels to go under the border to continue to be a major supply route for reenergizing and rearming hamas after hostilities stop. that relationship will continue. there is some tension with it right now but most of the part is pretty solid. >> bill: it's one thing we saw in some of the issues in south carolina. want to share that with our viewers. don't need to comment on it when it comes to foreign policy it was in the single digits. it was way down there at 8%. immigration 44%, economy and
7:27 am
jobs 30 percent. immigration into foreign policy dealing with other countries. interesting to see how it plays out the rest of this campaign. great to have you on. speak later in the week, okay? >> great talking to you, bill. thank you. >> bill: thank you. >> this young woman was failed by every level of law enforcement including in athens which is a sanctuary city. when someone comes under arrest what does that mean for the people in that community and for their safety in the future? >> aishah: new details about the illegal immigrant accused of murdering a 22-year-old nursing student in georgia. more on his prior record including an arrest here in new york city. that's next. plus google's a.i. embarrassment. it is generating a lot of attention and for all the wrong reasons. emerge as you. with tremfya®, most people saw 90% clearer skin at 4 months... ...and the majority stayed clearer, at 5 years.
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7:33 am
president biden plans to visit brownsville, texas, which sits on the border southeastern texas. he will be there on thursday of this week. bear in mind he was in el paso, texas, a year ago this month and also there is talk about an executive order possibility that he may sign, may take action in light of all this, you've got a state of the union address next thursday out of washington, d.c. so that's ten days to go. if you look at some of the polling and talked about it many times already what happened in south carolina and what the voters down there were saying about their concern for immigration and it has been true in south carolina. it has been true in nevada, new hampshire, iowa. there is a clear theme here. if you are going to take this on politically you better get moving. it appears the white house will do something in that direction. >> aishah: you were saying you don't do it unless you feel like the polls are swinging one way and you have to correct them and you have to address them.
7:34 am
we were talking about this a few minutes ago with jessica tarlov how important it is to address the immigration and border problem because of this recent huge story out of georgia now with this young woman murdered by a suspected -- allegedly murdered by this venezuelan migrant came across the southern border. so we'll see what those remarks, if they make a difference. >> bill: the visit is thursday in brownsville, texas and bring you up to date when we get more on that. the alabama supreme court ruling, frozen embryos are people upending ivf treatment in that state. democrats are trying to blame republicans even though republican leadership has come out in support of ivf treatment. mike emanuel live in washington with this and the update now. good morning. >> good morning. former president trump was quick to say he strongly supports the availability of ivf and called
7:35 am
for action. >> i'm calling on the alabama legislature to act quickly to find an immediate solution to preserve the availability of ivf in alabama. the republican party should always be on the side of the miracle of life and the side of mothers, fathers, and their beautiful babies. >> house speaker mike johnson came out in support of ivf treatment and called it a blessing for many moms and dads who struggled with fertility. at the white house it was seen as an opportunity to leverage the alabama ruling in an election year. >> it's devastating example of the kind of chaos and confusion that has resulted from the overturning of roe v. wade. there are reports that families seeking fertility care don't know what to do or where to turn. >> yesterday in battleground michigan a democratic senator used the issue on the campaign stump. >> look what they've just made
7:36 am
the decision in alabama, in vitro fertilization. it is shocking. so we have to do it again one more time. one more time. 2024. solidifying to make sure donald trump is not elected. >> leading senate republican calls it a sign of desperation. >> the reason they are talking about abortion, they can't talk about anything else. if they can't scare the hell out of you about us, they will lose. 80% of the people think the country is going in the wrong direction. >> many republicans believe the alabama legislature will act quickly to address the ivf issue there. >> bill: mike, nice to see you >> aishah: let's bring in dr. saphier and another doctor. may, i want to get to you first. democrats will try to play politics with this issue now. i want to bring up what the
7:37 am
biden 2024 campaign manager said about this. she writes let's be clear, alabama families losing access to ivf is a direct result of donald trump's supreme court justices overturning roe v. wade. may, explain the facts and why this ruling has nothing to do with abortion. >> absolutely nothing. everyone is talking about when this ruling. what was this ruling? what the alabama supreme court did was said that parents, when they entrust an ivf clinic with their embryos and that clinic allows another random patient into the embryo storage facility and smashes those embryos, those parents can recover not because they have lost their property or computer or something, they lost something more fundamental. alabama law has long held that pre-born, pre-viable lives count as lives. this is really just whether these parents can recover. these parents are in favor of
7:38 am
ivf. they just want to be compensated for their embryos being smashed due to the ivf clinic's negligence. >> aishah: dr. saphier, i want to get your perspective. you are a healthcare provider and mom. your perspective and the court, the judge ruled on this from the parents' perspective of this situation. >> aishah -- may explained this beautifully. i had three children without having to use fertilization help. i can tell you that ivf is the ultimate pro-life movement trying to give life to people not able to have children otherwise. what the big question is we're trying to talk about a law when it comes to a philosophy. when does life actually begin? there is no clear-cut answer there right now. while i understand the heartache from the parents' perspective that the embryos were lost and want adequate compensation, it
7:39 am
is detrimental to the entire industry if you say life begins in these embryos at the test tube level they can go very extreme. at what point do you say if you can be held almost as though it was homicide by dropping those embryos, what happens if the mother has a miscarriage? are you saying she is responsible for that feet use's death? the answer is no. this is a charged, and heathed debate. ultimately at the end of the day if these cells are not implanted into a woman's uterus i'm hard pressed to say it was life and they should be compensated for damages as though it was a child itself. >> aishah: we'll see if the state legislature takes any action in the coming days. thanks for being on the show. really good to see you. breaking news now. as the white house just revealed that president biden will visit the southern border on thursday. plus we're following this. artificial intelligence is apparently going woke.
7:40 am
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>> aishah: big news here in the last couple minutes here, bill. president biden is apparently set to visit the southern border this week on thursday. it will go to brownsville, texas to meet with u.s. border patrol agents and it will happen on the same day that former president trump is going to make remarks in eagle pass, texas, 300 miles apart there on the border and we find alexis mcadams in eagle pass, texas right now with the latest on this very surprising and stunning visit.
7:46 am
alexis. >> this all comes right as the border is top of mind for voters across the country. we see it daily in polls and out there talking to voters on the cam campaign, it is top of mind. president biden will be at the southern border at the same time donald trump is in eagle pass, texas. this is not the first time that president joe biden has visited the southern border. last time, though, was in january of 2023. you can see him there in el paso, texas. biden was in town for about four hours talking with border patrol and checking out the area. this comes as the president is now reportedly eyeing executive action trying to slow the border surge as we see it every day. new york, chicago, you name it. every state now a border state with migrants flowing in. former president trump will highlight the chaos at the southern border as he does on a regular basis. he will be in eagle pass, texas, trump talking about the recent crimes by migrants. we know our team is talking to
7:47 am
him in the past several days about this horrible case in georgia. where the venezuelan migrant who crossed illegally into the u.s. killed a 22-year-old nursing student according to authorities. back out here live in eagle pass, texas take a live look at the drone camera. chaos continues on a daily basis. we'll have to see what the president has to say about it. >> aishah: he will be busy on the border. thank you. >> bill: from the border to your computer. google's artificial intelligence software called gemini just out and man, does this thing pack a doozy. here is just one example. it refuses to condemn pedophilia. when asked if it's wrong for adults to sexually prey on children it says the question to whether pedophilia is wrong is multi-faceted and a nuanced answer that goes beyond a simple yes or no. it goes on and on and on about example after example after example. kara frederic, director of tech
7:48 am
policy heritage foundation and former facebook analyst. good morning. i don't know if you followed this over the weekend. the prolific man on x was sending out example after example. one was more egregious than the other. how did you read those? >> i read them as what they are. technology is going to reflect the bias of its builders and programmers. in this case when you are shipping a product you red team it and allows people to find the problems and fix them and that will make a better, more accurate output. we have to assume that that's what happened here. that people were okay with these outputs. people were okay with that pedophilia story and people were okay with the fact it made arguments against having more children according to some scholars and over and over again. having a nuclear apocalypse. they all follow a pattern and it
7:49 am
is extremely problematic when you have people sequestered in the echo chamber of silicon valley and imbuing this product with their values when it comes from a big tech company. big issue. there are some modificnd solutions going forward that can help us get to the truth. >> bill: how about those questions about adolf hitler when compared to the f crick c chairman? these were absurd. we're diving into this thing and i just -- you are the professional. you are the tech expert on this. should we be pulling back and work with a little more caution? if this is happening now, what happens in a year or two years or five years when more and more
7:50 am
people become more and more comfortable with chatgpt and gemini and whatever else is next? >> here is the issue, bill. right now we have the chance at the ground level to shape this going forward forever. if we get it wrong and allow these big tech companies like open source with microsoft, google, if we allow them to entrench their monopolies and viewpoints in the marketplace through excessive and overburdensome licensing certification problem and don't open source it to the rest of the world to have the discourse to allow the community to work through these problems and identify potential issues and fix them and have the rest of the world work off those products, then we lose forever our viewpoints, conservatives, even people who just want the truth, which is subjective, which should be the baseline, we lose forever if that's the case. my solution is open sourcing and not having these excessive overburdensome certification and
7:51 am
licensing procedures that the big tech companies are advocating for to entrench their ability to be the only players in the market. let the new entrants innovate and solves your problems five and ten years down the line. solve it now when we have the chance to do it or we're lost. >> bill: you solve it now if the company has the desire to figure out to do it right. do you know jack krolchec. he is the the teacher of google's chatbot. this is america, racism is the number one value. i don't mind paying more for taxes overcoming systemic racism. jesus only cares about white kids. it will put another focus on google. the google engine is so prominent in our lives it has become a verb, okay?
7:52 am
and a.i. is going to come right on the heels of this. i just -- what advice do you have as we go forward into this literally new frontier? >> open source the a.i. models as much as possible to get a variety of perspectives and builders who are contributing to the shipping and outputss in these products so you will get closer and closer to the truth and accuracy and you won't have the jacks of the world instituting their systemic issues and their biases and their censorship as we have seen in google's search engine into the a.i. models. open source what you can. >> bill: we'll talk about this again i'm certain. thanks for coming on. have a nice monday. great to see you. >> aishah: you have to get inspired about michigan as a.i.
7:53 am
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empower. what's next. >> harris: fingers pointing squarely at the white house. the suspect in the killing of a georgia nursing student is an illegal immigrant and breaking today, president biden will visit the border this week. polling in the dungeon, biden wakes up at least for a bit. plus will former president donald trump debate biden? we'll cover it if it happens. new details on the attorneys trying to take down trump. fani willis and her prosecutor pair -- >> bill: tomorrow's primary in michigan spotlighting the shifting to a crucial swing state of michigan where we find fox business's grady trimble taking the pulse of the folks there live in detroit. what are you hearing?
7:59 am
>> good morning to you. because this is a swing state we're also looking at these primaries to give us a clue what to expect in the november general election. it certainly seems as if former president trump is moving on to the general election. in his speech in south carolina the other night, he said he expects to win big here in michigan but didn't even mention by name the state's former governor in south carolina and his last remaining competitor in the primary nikki haley. for its part haley's campaign announced even after getting trounced in her home state received $1 million in small grassroots donations. at the same time the koch network super pac americans for prosperity action will stop spending in support of whener campaign and focusing on house and senate races instead. >> i'm not worried. americans for prosperity was an amazing partner. >> they said no amount of money will change the outcome of this primary process. do you agree with that? >> i think what we're going to
8:00 am
do the continue to fight for the 70% of americans that don't want to see a trump/biden rematch. >> on the democratic side some progressives like congresswoman tlaib are urging voters to put uncommitted not biden to leave arab americans are frustrated that biden has refused to call for a cease-fire is gaza. any vote not nor biden is a vote for trump. she urges people to vote for biden in the primary tomorrow. even whitmer acknowledged she doesn't know what to expect as far as the uncommitted campaign goes. >> bill: a lot of surprises along the way you don't know and why you have to play the games and why you have to vote. nice to see you. talk to you tomorrow. >> aishah: we'll be covering the big primary tomorrow. >> bill: you will be back tomorrow with more action. >> aishah: see you then. "the faulk


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